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Joanne Paskewich

Real Estate Testimonials System “Will Generate More Leads From All Over The Country” – Joanne Paskewich, Myrtle Beach, SC

Joanne Paskewich has been a realtor with Shoreline Realty in Myrtle Beach for two years and her top marketing strategies are word of mouth and email to gain new home buyers and sellers as clients. Despite relying on referrals from satisfied clients who, according to Joanne, all seem to become her friends, until attending the Testimonial Machine seminar on April 27th 2012 in Myrtle Beach, she wasn’t collecting testimonials from them. Joanne came to the seminar hoping to learn new marketing plans. She feels her biggest marketing challenge is a lack of technical knowledge.

Real Estate Testimonials System -Joanne Paskewich

Joanne Paskewich, Myrtle Beach, SC

Obtain More Referrals

“Simon Aronowitz is The Testimonial Guru because he certainly presents the product and system in a professional way. Simon’s strategies in Testimonial Machine will skyrocket the sales in my business through Facebook, Google and the web. Testimonial Machine is the secret to opening up the untapped goldmine in my real estate business because I will obtain more referrals.”

How To Use Photos Blew My Mind

“Showing me how to use photos of my happy sellers and buyers after closing is an idea from Simon today that blew my mind about the use of testimonials to market my real estate business.”

Easy To Incorporate

“The Testimonial Machine system seems easy to incorporate in order to double my business, costing me only time and diligence to implement. Simon’s system seems to be an amazing way to generate more leads from all over the country. The return on investment will be great.”


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